About us

The Company’s portfolio comprises chemical products of both mass and specialist nature. Within these two groups we offer anion, cation, non-ion, amphoteric surfactants and chemical formulations for numerous industrial applications. As a producer oriented towards individual needs of customers looking for high-quality specialized chemical products, we constantly extend our offer by new products.

Who we are


What we produce?

G4-4, G4-9

Surfactants are surface active agents, i.e. chemical products being able to reduce surface tension of a liquid. They also have many other functions such as foaming, moisturizing, cleaning or emulsifying which consists in mixing of non-mixing substances such as oil I water or eater in oil. These substances are components of many products of everyday use such as cosmetics, detergents or pharmaceuticals. Surface active compounds are also used in paper, textile, food, agrochemical, metallurgy, mining and many other industries. Thus, surfactants, chemical substances used as a component of formulation, reagents and function fluids are used in many industrial sectors. Therefore, they are omnipresent and can be found in almost all objects and substances that we use in everyday life.


We employ over 260 people in Poland

The portfolio of PCC EXOL capital group comprises over 600 products

We deliver our products to more than 28 countries in the world

Poland – 10 recipients
Europe – 94 recipients
the world – 1 recipient

We have production installations with the annual capacity of over 45 thousand tons